Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Looking for the 2008 Summer Team?

Hi just to inform you that this year's Summer Team's blog can be accessed here

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

2008 CTI Summer Team

Coming Soon ...
Watch This Space For Latest Inform on the Summer Team

Friday, November 02, 2007

It's goodbye our American friends

Its time to say goodbye and we took a long time to say our goodbyes...I was amazed at the number of friends who came to the airport though though it was 5am in the morning! I believed they were touched and will miss us too...

So farewell our friends and continue to work hard back in the states! We're missing you already! :)

Next CTI team will be back in July 2008 :) stay tuned!

Night safari!

Last night in Singapore... it was a sad night but we were all excited to go to Night Safari! Even many of the Singaporeans had not gone there before! So we were equally excited! A huge group of us went marching down into night safari. I think the poor animals were disturbed by us! haha! not too many photos as we were not allowed flash photography... so most of the photos came out dark... but we had fun anyway!!

CTI at Pei Hua Primary!

CTI went to Peihua primary! This is in conjunction with a series of introductory workshops to prepare the primary sixes for their secondary school life! I don't remember I have that when I was in primary school. They had workshop on chemistry, maths, geography... before I continue.. CTI were not there to teach, they weren't even there to sing...they were there to act!

They rehearsed for this new drama, where Eliot acted as Harry (not hairy), the boy who faked his own muscles to attract the attention of his bimbo friend Pam (Renee). It was simply hilarious! The drama gave the primary school leavers a little glimpse into how their new school would be like. :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

CTI farewell lunch

CTI is leaving! **sob sob** We had a farewell lunch for our dear American friends. After they had came to Singapore for 4 weeks, we had to bade them farewell. We specially prepared a special farewell lunch for them and they were pleasantly surprised.

CTI did not manage to eat much local homecooked food when they were here, as most of the time they are out performing. We prepared some dishes: pineapple rice, rendang, pasta, kong bak pau, salad...

CTI shared that they loved being here and Jessie said dun ask me anymore, I'm getting upset! haha! we'll make sure they cry when they reached the airport :)

Friday, October 26, 2007

We believe and meant to live MTV

Whoa! its the last video on garage. CTI sang 'we believe' from Good Charlotte latest album.

We shot a music video with CTI based on the song 'meant to live' by switchfoot.


Renee sings 'breakaway' the famous hit by Kelly Clarkson. Renee has such a sweet voice that it seems like she is singing straight into your heart.

Noticed that they kept switching between different instruments? every cti member has an instrument they specialised in, but they have to learn other instruments too!

CTI going home to US

CTI is leaving... They will be leaving next week on 30 October :(
Times really flies and before they are gone, we are beginning to miss them. **sob sob*
watch this blog more their last few performances!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Eliot's mandarin concert

Eliot's rendition of Faye Wong's classic and Tong Hua. And his impromtu translation...
i think Eliot, stick to English please :p

Adam Rd foodmarket and finally Island creamery!!

After a long day of work... CTI went to Adam Road food market to try the famous nasi lemak... well, most of them tried with the yummy yum yum fried chicken wing and chilli. They can't eat chilli cos its bad for the throat.. wad a pity...

then we went to ISLAND CREAMERY!! yes, the place CTI had always wanted to go... CTI crazy about music and ICE CREAM! yup! Being adventurous, they tried flavors (names they had never hear before... hee..) like pulut hitam, chendol... and they savoured every last bit of it! As a momento, we printed a CTI photo and pinned it on the wall. Next time you come to Island creamery look out for CTI's photo! :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

CTI's little get-together with JC students

CTI went to this cosy little place to meet up with some JC students. Thanks to the family that hosted us! its a great place! As it wasn't a formal setting, it was a relaxing and good time of chatting. We played a little icebreaker and realised many students came because they love music!

our day at GMSS :)

CTI went to Geylang Methodist Secondary today!

They held a concert at their cool indoor basketball court. They performed and of course the most popular song is still Renee's "courage". The students were really cool and they even brought us to the best bubble tea place at geylang east! It really made CTI's day as it was their favorite drink especially at such hot weather :) thanks girls!

the long-awaited garage

The long awaited CTI garage is finally here! CTI had a 2-night concert here in Singapore on the 19 and 20 Oct. We held it at the carpark of Emmanuel house to give it the garage feel. The response was overwhelming and the entire was packed with people! Here are part of the concert for those of you who missed it (how could u?!)

While we munch our chips with salsa, CTI started with John Mayer's 1st released single "waiting on the world to change". Next up, the band blasted the entire carpark with the popular switchfoot hit "Awakening" - my personal favorite. It got everyone clapping and cheering!

Another crowd-favorite! The silly song "Don't matter" by Akon left us waving hands and handphones and going "oh oh!..." it really doesn't matter that we don't remember the lyrics, we just oh-oh!!

more videos on garage coming your way! :)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Breakfast- - - with CTI

if u didn't have to go to school on a saturday morning, what would you be doing? me? i would love to wrap myself in blanket and sleep Zzzzz... uh uh... not last saturday... it was a special...

CTI woke up early to have a breakfast get-together plus mini concert with the poly students!

I'm not too sure how many of them actually do have breakfast every morning (btw breakfast is the most impt meal! dun skip it :p) but all of them looked excited for this little performance. it was a cosy time of just gathering with friends and knowing the cti members more...


CTI goes Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary!
We went KCPSS for a 45minute performance! CTI sang popular hits from high school musical and from Eliot's all-time favorite band "Switchfoot" and more... it was great time with the students!

I have to make special mention about the teachers at KCP... they are the coolest coolest! they were singing and clapping along! They knew the lyrics! Teachers, you deserved an award for most "on!" :) the students kept turning around to peep at their teachers... that's really cute too! :)

CTI live! at FMSS


CTI went to FMSS and performed during their recesses. And the students were really awesome! (I got to pick up some american lingo too :p) They crowded the band as they performed and were very welcoming and friendly too! I have photos as evidences! Their bright smiles brighten the day of our band members :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

More to Life

Michelle singing Staccie Orrico's More to Life

Monday, October 15, 2007

CTI goes to Chinatown!

Ang mos go to Chinatown. A food tour at Chinatown was organised for CTI to experience authentic local food!Poly students kindly brought them around to try out the different food in that area! They tried char kuay teow, tutu kueh, desserts... and many others! It pretty funny when we tried to explain what the food is, cos though we ate them since we were young, yet we found it tough to explain... haha!